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Hotel "Gergana“, resort "Albena“

In 2014, Bulgaria Engineering EAD established Consortium Bulgaria Engineering DZZD with main activity execution of specialized construction activities. The preparation and execution of the individual projects are done using state-of-the art construction systems, materials and technologies. Our partners are well-known companies from Europe, Bulgaria and USA.

Hotel "Gergana“ in the resort "Albena“ is located on the sea beach and is bordering the Batovska River (part of the Balata Reserve) at its mouth into the Black Sea. In the second half of June 2014, a torrential rain with intensity up to 80 l/m2 caused multiple floods which affected seriously the hotel at the beach. The flood waters partially destroyed the lobby and the adjacent riverbank and the ground bed under the foundations of one of the buildings of the hotel were washed away.

In this difficult engineering and technical situation, Bulgaria Engineering EAD, through its subsidiary Consortium Bulgaria Engineering DZZD engaged in the execution of the emergency restoration activities at fixed and very short time and impossible access to the site via the infrastructure of resort Albena during the peak of the tourist season.

The activities were divided into two stages:

The first stage of the emergency reinforcement measures included the restoration of the static and structural integrity of the affected buildings and facilities and guaranteed protection against subsequent high waves in the river Batovska as soon as possible:

  1. execution of a technical survey and preparation of technical expertise about the condition of the hotel parts affected by the flood and the unaffected parts;
  1. preparation and execution of a detailed design for restoration of the stability of the ground bed under the foundations washed by the torrential waters and the remaining part of the lobby-bar and the hotel lobby, including the following measures:
  • geodetic and engineering-geological survey;
  • installation of a control and measurement monitoring system;
  • expansion of the construction site with access road through the Batovska river;
  • restoration of the river bank at the hotel "Gergana" side by execution of a sheet pile retaining wall and backfilling with crushed stone;
  • restoration, reinforcement and consolidation of part of the ground bed and the crushed stone backfill by execution of jet grouting injection columns;
  • erosion protection along the west bank at the hotel side.

The second stage of the emergency reinforcement measures provided complete rehabilitation and reconstruction of the reception of hotel „Gergana“ in 2015, before the beginning of the summer season:

  • demolition of the building affected by the floods;
  • protection, stabilization and reinforcement of the ground bed at the new hotel reception area;
  • construction of a new building with improved functionality.

The first stage of the emergency reinforcement measures was completed within 14 days during the summer of 2014. The execution of the second stage of the emergency reinforcement measures began in February 2015 and was completed in May 2015 with the commissioning of the new and modern building for the beginning of the summer tourist season.


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Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A. offers services regarding energy management and energy efficiency:

  • Trade in Energy Savings Certificates for fulfillment of the individual targets of the obligated parties according to Art.14, Para. 4 of the Energy Efficiency Act;
  • Evaluation of the opportunities for application and/or realization of energy savings measures;
  • Evaluation of ESCO projects;
  • Development of specialized single methodologies for verification and generation of energy savings;
  • Industrial systems for generation of energy savings through improvement of the quality of electrical energy