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An official presentation was held on February 28, 2017 at the National Palace of Culture of the Alliance for Energy Efficiency (АЕЕ), a co-founder of which is Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A.


The event was attended by:

 -   Mr. Lyubomir Ganchev – Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Economy,

 -   Mr. Karel Kral – Chief Executive Director of CEZ Bulgaria EAD,

 -   Mr. Dimitar Dukov – Executive Director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund,

 -   Mr. Valeri Belchev – Executive Director of the Fund of Funds,

 -   Acad. Eng. Plamen Dilkov – owner of Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A., etc.


АЕЕ is a non-profit organization, created for the purpose of participating actively in the realization of models, policies and strategies for improving the energy efficiency and achieving the national targets for efficient use of the energy resources of Bulgaria, originating from the targets of the European Union.

The founders of the Alliance are 8 private companies, the activities, competency and experience of which follow the policy for innovative energy efficient products and services. The unification of the efforts of the various partners aims to implement the high professional standards and principles for sustainable and efficient utilization of the energy resources in the Bulgarian economy, as well as to stimulate and support the development of professional services and products in the field of energy efficiency in Bulgaria.

A number of new partners are in the process of associating themselves with the AEE at present, and the number of associates is expected to double by the end of 2017 and, in the long-term, the Alliance is expected to represent the interests of companies, whose activities are developed in the field of realization of energy efficient services and ESCO Projects.

More information you can find on the website of Alliance for Energy Efficiency:


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B.E. Energy provides services in the energy management area :

  • Purchase and sale of electricity
  • Analysis and forecast of the consumption
  • Balance and total management of energy flows