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On 01.11.2017 Bulgaria Engineering EAD together with the Alliance for Energy Efficiency participated in a seminar with topic "Funding and opportunities for implementing energy efficiency measures to achieve individual energy savings targets of energy traders", organized by The Sustainable Energy Development Agency.

The main objective of the forum was all interested parties, fuel and energy traders, to be aware of opportunities for investments and development of energy efficiency projects as a model for meeting their individual energy savings targets. The forum was attended both by representatives of the big electricity and fuel traders as well as smaller companies involved in the energy market in the country.

The seminar, consisting of two main panels, was opened by the Executive Director of the Sustainable Energy Development Agency - Mr. Ivaylo Alexiev:

The main topic in the first panel was the presentation and discussion of various opportunities for funding of energy efficiency projects based on the European and Bulgarian experience. This part of the seminar was attended by representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) from the Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Division as well as the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund (EERSF).

Members and co-founders of the Alliance for Energy Efficiency presented their experience in the preparation and implementation of energy efficiency projects in the second panel of the seminar. Dipl. Eng. Georgi Nachev, Project Manager at Bulgaria Engineering EAD, presented the company's experience in the development, evaluation and management of innovative and energy-efficient solutions, achieving energy autonomy in the industry. Other opportunities were also presented to meet the obligations of energy and fuel traders under the Energy Efficiency Act, through energy savings trading and the realization of ESCO projects.

In the panel were considered also other topics related to the experience of ESCO companies for the last 10 years, methods for monitoring and control of the sites, as well as a guarantee for the fulfillment of the commitments made by both the client and the client, structuring of long-term ESCO contracts, local market features, funding with grant programs and national funds, basic requirements for choosing an ESCO company and etc.

In the discussions that followed, the representatives of the electricity and heat traders participated actively, as well as representatives of the EBRD - Mr. Remon Zakaria and Mr. Alex Hadzhivanov, the representatives of EERSF - Mr. Emil Pashov and Mr. Dimitar Dukov.


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Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A. offers services regarding energy management and energy efficiency:

  • Trade in Energy Savings Certificates for fulfillment of the individual targets of the obligated parties according to Art.14, Para. 4 of the Energy Efficiency Act;
  • Evaluation of the opportunities for application and/or realization of energy savings measures;
  • Evaluation of ESCO projects;
  • Development of specialized single methodologies for verification and generation of energy savings;
  • Industrial systems for generation of energy savings through improvement of the quality of electrical energy