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Dear partners and clients,


In relation to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union (Regulation(EU) 2016/679 („GDPR”) and the related amendments in the legislation, Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A. guarantees that it treats confidentially your personal data, preserving the confidentiality of the information that it brings.

Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A. declares that your personal data will not be provided to third parties without a written consent from Your side.

Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A. collects the data that you have voluntarily provided to us insofar as it is necessary for the delivery of our services, storing and processing it responsibly in conformity with the legislation and using them only for the purpose it has been collected for. According to the certain purpose, such data might include:

  • Your names, electronic address, correspondence address and phone number for accounting and legal purposes (e.g. for concluding a contract, issuance of an invoice, for correspondence, courier delivery).

Your rights regarding the delivery of personal data include:

-      Right to request an information about Your personal data that we store;

-      Right to request a correction of false data or completion of incomplete data;

-      Right to request a deletion of Your stored data;

-      Right to request a limitation of processing Your data.

Deadline for personal data storage:

  • We store the information in conformity to the deadlines, laid down in the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria.  

In case you do not wish that we store and process Your data for the purposes you have previously voluntarily provided it for, please inform us in written.

Otherwise, we will consider you evaluate and approve our policy for protection and confidentiality of the personal data and we will continue to cooperate successfully.

In case of questions related to the exercise of your rights for processing of personal data, you can contact us by the following email address:



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Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A. offers services regarding energy management and energy efficiency:

  • Trade in Energy Savings Certificates for fulfillment of the individual targets of the obligated parties according to Art.14, Para. 4 of the Energy Efficiency Act;
  • Evaluation of the opportunities for application and/or realization of energy savings measures;
  • Evaluation of ESCO projects;
  • Development of specialized single methodologies for verification and generation of energy savings;
  • Industrial systems for generation of energy savings through improvement of the quality of electrical energy