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Assistance for preparation and partecipation in tenders


Bulgaria Engineering S.p.A. can be useful with administrative and organizational experience as well as with provision of additional technical and economic information regarding the specifics and content of the infrastructure projects that are subject of tender procedures. Our network of operative business contacts extremely facilitates the participation of foreign companies for tenders organised in Bulgaria. In case of necessity or specific interest, we can provide contact information of our local partners, engineering companies, design companies or construction companies, and of course we can mediate the communication with them.
  • Up-to-date technical and economic information on infrastructure and sectoral projects subject of tender procedures;
  • Provide experience in administration,  organization and assistance in the procurement preparation for implementation of infrastructure and sectoral projects;
  • Budgeting, planning and project management.


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B.E. Energy provides services in the energy management area :

  • Purchase and sale of electricity
  • Analysis and forecast of the consumption
  • Balance and total management of energy flows