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Bulgaria Engineering in its role as the General Sponsor and under the patronage of Confindustria Bulgaria presented the design of the young artist Todor Nanchev

Model - Restoration of the Kuyumdzhiev House,

Part of the Exhibition Bulgarian Baroque with a View to the Future

The opening of the exhibition was held on September 10, 2015 with the kind cooperation of the host and co-organizer of the event - the Regional Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv.

The exposition provides an excellent possibility for the visitors to view under a new perspective back to the past of a passed era, during which, notwithstanding the restrictions due to absence of technologies and of contemporary techniques, the past masters created unique buildings, combining overall understanding of sustainable and environmentally-friendly building using natural materials to guarantee comfort and energy efficiency.

The main accent of the exposition is the model restoration of the Kuyumdzhiev House, in which is laid out the exhibition itself. The construction of the work is preceded by an exceptional in-depth study and investigation of the archived documentation, old photos, experts’ conclusions, architectural surveys of the house by two sources (arch. Hristo Peev, 1937 and arch. Stana Bozadzhieva, 2010), amended by the comprehensive study of the characteristics of the respective era and of the regional school and style of the master builder. All of the above viewed from the aspect of the prism of the exhibition’s author, Todor Nanchev. Each and every detail of the work of art (from the majestic stone walls, grates of wrought iron, through the fine wooden trimmings on the covers of windows, doors and cornices, to the unique in shape tiled roof) has been manually processed and bears the author’s handwriting, which amends the artistic value of the project.

In addition to the Kuyumdzhiev House, the exposition includes a completely hand-made author’s models of houses, recreating the spirit of the treasures of the Bulgarian National Renaissance – Koprivshtitsa, Plovdiv, the Pirin area. These works of art present to the audience a synthesis of architecture, fine arts, design and history. The popularizing of this art will directly aid the strengthening of the positive image of our culture, society and traditions, which comprise an integral part of the common European heritage.



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