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Architecture, fine arts, design, history. There is no precise word to describe that, which the 29-years old Todor Nanchev creates passionately and with a lot of patience. He says that he feels the need not only to create, but to bring to life the achievements of the ancient masters. He does that by means of models, mostly of renaissance houses, because he thinks that the hidden within them traditions are a solid, but also a little forgotten base.

“The present and the future rest on tradition. Therefore, we can learn many valuable lessons”, says the artist.

Todor finds these lessons in the jewelry-like manufacture of every detail. This is his way to sift everything valuable from the ancient construction methods. His latest inspiration is the Kuyumdzhiev House in Plovdiv. Within the same, as well as within the other preserved or worn out buildings from the past he finds the connections to the modern concepts for sustainable construction.

“We are talking about passive houses from the time, when the people did not discuss the passive and active utilization of the sun’s energy”, explains he.

They did not discuss ecological materials, as well, but they used them. “Specific examples of this are the use of natural materials, such as timber, stones, adobe, about which we can discuss for a long time how energy efficient they are”, recites Todor.

The artist can talk a lot about the situation of the houses facing the south, in order to let them absorb more sunlight, of the window shutters, which are not only works of art, but also protect the interior from the bright sunlight, provide shade and additional protection from the winds, of the stability of the old buildings …

“There are many ancient masters, who built seismically stable buildings, without having regulations on seismic stability”, underlines he.

He has reached the conclusion that energy efficiency, natural materials and reliable construction were discovered a very long time ago. Their rediscovery is a question of interests, proper knowledge, respect and inquisitiveness – all themes of what Todor is trying to convey by means of his small, but very meaningful models, made of very simple materials – cardboard, paper, ink. An art, which revives the time-proven principles of sustainability – those, which lie in their place and do the job.


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