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Interactive guide - an integrated system of FABRICA LUDENS

Smartguide world is an ecosystem of applications, products and services. It is created with the aim of increasing the active participation of the Visitors, thus contributuing to the evaluation of the historical, artistic and scientific heritage of cultural values.



  • А multimedia and interactive thematic tour​

Smartguide is a device which allows the visitor to have a pleasant and fruitful exposition tour adjusted to their individual wishes and expectations. The electronic guide communicates wirelessly with the multimedia systems of the Museum, e.g. monitors, projectors, multimedia boards, information panels. Smartguide offers various possibilities for enrichment of the knowledge for works of art and artists through facts and multimedia details. The sensor display allows quick navigation and provides optimal visualization of texts and pictures, audio and video content represented at full screen.


  • Profile of the Visitor​

Through the innovative smart-touch navigation method, the content can be adjusted to any type of Visitors offering an easy and intuitive use of the selected language: for grown-ups, children, people unaccustomed to using the electronic technologies and disabled people.

  • Automated visit​

Anyone can make their personal choice of language and route. Each route is synchronized with text and video information, adapted to the time the customer has, to their personal interests and age.

  • Interactive map
Development of Fabrica Ludens®, done in the Bruno Kessler research center, allows the Visitor to know at any moment where they are and how to get to each piece of art.


  • Analysis and control of the flow of visitors
Smartguide offers full analysis of the behavior of The Visitors which allows to prepare statistics and assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of the offered tour. By this the offered services can be improved and the daily capacity can be optimized.

  • New business model with new ideas and new services

Smartguide allows to make pictures and videos which the customer can transfer to a device of their own at the end of the tour or by entering the web page of the offered services. The interactive card deactivates the option for making pictures/videos wherever it is forbidden.

Through the electronic guide, the user may buy the items offered by you as well as to give their opinion. On the one side, this would help for increasing the sales in an unobtrusive way and on the other side, it would help for a better understanding of the user through analyses, statistics and assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of the products and the services in the site.




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