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Hydro jet demolition of steel concrete and concrete structures and surfaces

Through the use of high-tech feed pump groups to reach pressures above 2500 bar and water flow of 25 l/min the water can be used for milling, cleaning/decontamination, cutting, demolishing or scraping of cement and concrete surfaces.


  • manual
  • automatic (robotic)


  • for making holes in concrete elements and structures without damaging the reinforcement (reinforced concrete structures);
  • removal of concrete cover on the reinforcement of concrete elements (concrete floors, slabs and elements of road infrastructure, beams, columns, pillars of overpasses, etc.);
  • for fast scraping and roughening of large vertical surfaces;
  • for deep decontamination of baths, silos, nuclear power plants;
  • for repairing/smoothing of tunnel sections, diaphragms, etc.;
  • for activities involving the use of humidified sand and erosion mixtures.


  • cleans fully the reinforcement rods without damaging;
  • rapid implementation;
  • has different stages when cleaning only the damaged zones of the cement;
  • does not cause unwanted vibrations and fluctuations in the constructions on the work site;
  • compact and mobile equipment allowing rapid mobilization and demobilization of the teams.
  • allows remote access and working from a certain distance. One machine can supply several lines of different lengths.


  • the process of supply and disposal of the water needs to be taken into consideration.



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  • Trade in Energy Savings Certificates for fulfillment of the individual targets of the obligated parties according to Art.14, Para. 4 of the Energy Efficiency Act;
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