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Specialized methodologies for assessment of energy savings

In 2015 the consortium Tractebel Bulgaria Engineering, a joint venture of Bulgaria Engineering EAD and Tractebel Engineering S.p.A. (the engineering part of the GDF Suez Group) executed for the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development, in addition to the project for elaboration of a model for trade in white certificates (TWC) in Bulgaria, a project for the elaboration of 50 specialized methodologies for assessment of energy savings, for the purpose of reducing the energy consumption in the industrial systems and in the domestic sector. The same take into consideration the current European standards and the technological level of novelty and innovation of application in compliance with the period of implementation.

For the purpose of unification of the methodologies, a universal model was elaborated, including compulsory criteria and parameters for reporting the energy consumption by the end user before and after the implementation of the measure, the saved carbon emissions and the number of white certificates equivalents of the achieved savings. The model for the elaboration of the methodologies includes the average coefficients for correcting the values, achieved as a result of implementation of the measure in several European countries. A form for the report on the results from the implementation of the measure is included for reporting the savings by the energy auditor. The calculation model from the implementation of the measure is ready for software application.

The measures have been elaborated for the purpose of encouraging energy-efficient services and investments in smart systems and the replacement of inefficient equipment by implementing contemporary technologies in systems for generation and utilization of energy with a view on environmental protection according to the project Improving the Institutional Capabilities of the Agency for Sustainable Development for Providing More and Better Services in the Field of Energy Efficiency in accordance with the Operational Program Competitiveness 2007-2013, co-financed by the EU via the European Fund for Regional Development.




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